Pat Lesser- Harbottle SeattleU Invitational

Oct. 11 to Oct. 12, 2021 Hosted by Seattle University @ Lakewood, WA

One of the greatest female golfers to ever come out of the Pacific Northwest. As the daughter in an Army family, Pat attended six elementary schools in five states and was in Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941 when the Japanese attacked. Theirs was a close father and daughter relationship when pat was advancing in her teens and Colonel Lesser often took her to ball games and many sporting events. Finally she tagged along with him to the golf course and liked the sport. It was not until she won the Seattle City title at age 14 that she took much interest in practicing. She is a graduate of Seattle University and was the first female to play on a collegiate men's golf team. In four years she won 32 matches, lost 8 and tied 7 as the number 6 player. There is one story that might indicate how her fellow competitors she met in college matches felt. The teammates of a man player who had lost to Pat, who had shot 71, was being razzed for losing to a girl. His reply to the hecklers was: "I didn't lose to a girl. I lost to a 71." She is the only player ever to win the US Juniors, National Collegiate and US Amateur championships and first to hold The National Amateur, Western Amateur, Doherty Cup and South Atlantic titles the same year.

Santa Clara  

3    Claire Choi74  71  73  218  +2
5    Borina Sutikto69  77  74  220  +4
8    Olivia Venderby76  73  73  222  +6
34    Inara Sharma78  73  78  229  +13
107    Madison Spiess82  82  86  250  +34
Team Total297  +9294  +6298  +10889  +25
Team Position4222
Round 3 - Oct. 11, 2021   @ Tacoma Country & Golf Club
Claire Choi533544644E444433535E+1
Borina Sutikto543443455E554343535E+2
Olivia Venderby443442546E554443534E+1
Inara Sharma544553445E553353735E+6
Madison Spiess544343566E664448545E+14
  • Double-Eagle
  • Eagle
  • Birdie
  • Bogey
  • Double Bogey
  • 3+ Bogey

SantaClara 3 Round Stats

Does not include stats from those playing as individuals.

Par 3s3.40
Par 4s4.28
Par 5s5.10
Round 3 To Par
Team Totals+4-1+2+1+1E+4+3+1E+5E-1-2E+5+2+1-1E+24