Leadership and Golf Invitational

Sept. 18 to Sept. 19, 2023 Hosted by Seattle University @ University Place, WA

Our Vision Imagine a society of "good people" they are self-aware, action oriented, authentic, consistent, relationship builders and role models. Then, imagine a beautiful golf course where aspiring young golfers and student athletes along side accomplished corporate leaders play golf together. Leadership and Golf provides the avenues where leaders, corporate sponsors, and those golfers connect. Golf and Leadership skills are attained through hard work, discipline, focus, integrity, and nurturing. Leaders and young golfers can give and learn from each other. Our mission is to bring them together a few times a year through this beautiful game of golf to make a lasting impact on each other's life.

Fresno State  

27    Sophia Chen74  74  72  220  +4
38    Jinyu Wu74  76  74  224  +8
43    Katelyn Lehigh71  77  77  225  +9
59    Amelia Garibaldi74  76  78  228  +12
94    Vunnisa Vu85  79  77  241  +25
Team Total293  +5303  +15300  +12896  +32
Team Position7101010
Round 3 - Sept. 18, 2023   @ Chambers Bay Golf Course
Katelyn Lehigh554554462E543444436E+5
Sophia Chen532544473E443443535EE
Jinyu Wu553644443E543453435E+2
Amelia Garibaldi443745562E474443435E+6
Vunnisa Vu553644454E445642435E+5
  • Double-Eagle
  • Eagle
  • Birdie
  • Bogey
  • Double Bogey
  • 3+ Bogey

Fresno State 3 Round Stats

Does not include stats from those playing as individuals.

Par 3s2.95
Par 4s4.24
Par 5s5.35
Round 3 To Par
Team Totals-1+2E+4+1+1+1+3-1E+2+3-2+2+1E+1E+1E+18